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    When I was pregnant with my first baby, I was in labor for almost 3 full days. After practicing clinical hypnotherapy, I know and understand that though I thought I was not afraid, I was really holding on to so many different fears in my subconscious mind that I picked up through societal programming.


    For my second baby, I decided to use hypnosis for childbirth and it helped dramatically. However, my baby was about 11 days past the "due date" and I was really starting to freak out. Luckily, one of my doula's was a hypnotist and she came over to my house and did a relaxing session with me.


    She regressed me to memories of my childhood and to the time I spent with my mother. I started crying happy tears looking back lovingly to those scenes.


    We discovered that I loved the time I had as an only child with my mother and cherished that bond so much that I was afraid of losing that same bond I had with my first daughter.


    I felt very relaxed and at ease after the session, but really did not know what to expect.


    That same evening, I went into labor and 4 hours later, I had my second baby girl.


    Flash forward 7 years later from my first pregnancy and two babies later, I have immersed myself in all things mom-related.


    I LOVE connecting with mothers and feel so honored every time.


    I studied and got my Certified Lactation Counselor certification in 2017 in addition to over 10 years in education.


    And now I am a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, focusing my expertise and energy on mommies and babies.



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    I'd love to hear from you!

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    Release Your Fears, Worries & Limiting Beliefs

    Using Rapid Transformational Clinical Hypnotherapy

    combined with Key Information & Strategies on How & Why to Keep Calm


    Available for Live RTT Hypno Sessions


    Online Course COMING SOON!

  • The Science

    "If you change your mind, you can change your biology".

    -Dr. Bruce Lipton

    Dr. Bruce Lipton explains how ENVIRONMENT is what AFFECTS YOUR BABY, so we do our best to make the mama feel happy, loved, and safe.


    95% or more of our lives are controlled by the habits of our subconscious mind


    This is why I am creating the Hypno Mama Method.


    The Hypno Mama Method is an in-person & online course made to educate women and pregnant mothers about how the mind works.


    Mamas will learn through their conscious and subconscious minds with audio, short videos & PDFs.


    Mamas will learn how and why it's important to relax.


    Mamas will learn how and why to bond with their babies in utero.


    Mamas will learn to LOVE their BODIES unconditionally.


    Mamas will learn how to trust the birth process and release any fears.


    Mamas will learn how to birth with less fear, because FEAR causes the body to tighten up... And when the body tightens up, births take longer, and drugs are requested, tearing can happen...


    Mamas will learn basics in breastfeeding and how to control the mind & body for optimal breastfeeding conditions and milk supply.


    Mamas will learn how to use the power of the mind to heal their postpartum bodies.

    The course will launch soon, probably in July, so stay tuned!



    Have a look...

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    Release Any Subconscious Fears

    $337 at my place or virtually

    $377 for house call

    Waiting for baby to come, but no sign of labor?

    Is your baby past the "EDD"?

    Is your doctor scheduling you for an induction?

    Synthetic inductions (Pitocin, etc.) are often more painful than natural oxytocin because they don't come with the natural endorphins to take some of the pain away.


    In countries where it is normal for women to have many babies, and birth is seen as a natural part of life, I have heard that instead of pain, they feel a strong pressure. This is what a lot of mothers using hypnosis during childbirth experience. I have experienced this as well.


    Additionally, you will receive a recording tailored to your specific birth experience, which you can listen to up until you give birth, including during labor and childbirth to relax, command the body and even distract the mind.

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    Release the Triggers of Nausea

    $337 at my place or virtually

    $377 for house call

    The mind is very powerful and we can use it to deliberately control the body. In energy medicine, it is believed that morning sickness, including hyperemisis gravidarium, is rooted in a disconnect between the mother and the baby. This could explain why it may get progressively worse with every pregnancy. A mother builds stronger connections with each successive child and thus, needs to strengthen the connection and bond with the baby in utero.


    This session comes with an audio recording that will strengthen the bond between mother and baby.


    Depending on severity, mothers may need 1-3 sessions.


    Click here for info on packages for multiple sessions.


    A surcharge will be added for house call convenience, depending on distance from me in Bed Stuy.

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    Online or In-Person Classes

    Group hypnosis and guided meditation sessions

    Join us for group sessions with other mamas who would like to experience hypnosis together.


    These classes cover prenatal and postpartum life.


    Please inquire via email and tell me what kind of class you would be interested in - prenatal or postpartum, etc. hypnojoni@gmail.com

  • You are worth it.

    You deserve it.

    Reach out for a LIVE SESSION

    or more info on THE HYPNO MAMA METHOD...

    Brooklyn, New York