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    Breastfeeding Milk Boost

    Session + Recording

    Find out what subconscious beliefs are blocking you from allowing your body to make the right amount of milk.

    Fertility Freedom

    Session + Recording

    Clear any baby blocks you may not realize you have in your subconscious. This is designed to help women who have unexplained infertility and would like to figure out if there is something in the subconscious that is holding her back.

    Postpartum TRAUMA Healing

    Session + Recording

    Let me take you into hypnosis and release any birth trauma or worries about your birth, your baby, breastfeeding difficulties, coping with drastic life change, sleep disruptions...

    Calm, Easy Pregnancy

    Recording Download

    Babies learn from their environment and your womb is the first environment for your baby. When mama experiences stress or fear, this is transmitted to your baby via the stress hormones into your bloodstream.


    It is natural for any mother to experience stress, especially during pregnancy. Use this recording to counter those strong emotions by listening throughout the day or during stressful moments to change your body chemistry back to tranquility, joy, and gratitude.

    Postpartum BODY Healing

    Recording Download

    Let me take you into hypnosis and program your subconscious mind to heal your body from the 9 months of pregnancy changes to the expansion and contraction during birth.

    Breastfeeding Basics

    Recording Download

    This is a recording you can listen to while you are pregnant for relaxation upon waking and before bed that will program healthy breastfeeding knowledge and habits into your subconscious mind so that when it is time for you to breastfeed your baby, you feel more ready and instinctive about the process.


    These are perfect for programming your subconscious mind throughout the day.

    You can get the audio recordings at discounted rates if you purchase more than one at a time.